1987 was a watershed year for Pontiac's Third Generation F-Body platform..... several new additions were made to the Firebird lineup from top to bottom, and the Trans Am model benefited from virtually all the additions.

Introduced as an higher-end performance/luxury option package for the 1987 Trans Am.... and to highlight the Pontiac F-Body introduction of the GM 5.7L (350 c.i.) Tuned-Port-Injection V8 engine.... the TRANS AM GTA debuted amid a flurry of activity in the Pontiac F-car lineup, and eventually moved into place as the flagship 1987-1992 Pontiac Firebird model.... for the auto enthusiast who wanted a bit more "panache" from his car, in both style and performance.

During its five years of production, the "Gran Turismo Americano" edition of the Trans Am evolved into the "ultimate" luxury performance Third-Generation Firebird.

GTA Source Page - 15 Years

15 YEARS ONLINE: 1997-2012

Fifteen years….wow, who would have thought that? Certainly not me, that’s for sure.

All I wanted to do was show off my car on the Internet. I had run across a few “personal” pages of cars online and thought that would be really cool to have something like that. I would have never dreamed that it would end up as an entity that people trust in and depend on all these years later. Things have ebbed and flowed over the years around here but there has always been something come to light to keep people’s interest, including my own, going strong.

First it was the GTA Spotlight monthly feature...and then it was the message forums… and now the Facebook page is going well. What will be next I don’t know but I hope that you all plan on making that journey with me. It has been and will continue to be a fun ride, that much I’m sure of.

Thanks for hanging in there with me for fifteen years…your trust and friendship means more to me that you will ever know.

Frankie Rider, II

Looks like Fall is upon us

Well, despite the warmer temps here of late in Arkansas I really do believe that Fall is here again. This is a big week personally, in that our daughter Erin Elisabeth will turn 12 years old tomorrow! Yay! Some of you who have been here “for the long haul” remember how I used to document her growing age regularly with photos and heading and such. Until she got old enough that she didn’t like it so much… LOL

Truth be told…. I’d have another huge, splashy banner heading on here right now, but I don’t have Photoshop loaded on this new computer yet!!!

But as the temps start to cool down, don’t forget about those performance machines in your garage… or shop… or driveway… or parked by the curb. Make sure they’re ready for the upcoming cold season. If your GTA is a driver, be sure it is properly winterized. If, like ours, they are away during the winter months, be sure your car is ready for storage. Whatever the usage, if they’re YOUR pride and joy… then they all do deserve to be taken care of.

Unless yours happens to be turning 12 tomorrow… because I’ve already got a lock on that one 

Living The Dream Part II

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Living The Dream, Volume 1

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Living The Dream, Volume 1

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