1987 was a watershed year for Pontiac's Third Generation F-Body platform..... several new additions were made to the Firebird lineup from top to bottom, and the Trans Am model benefited from virtually all the additions.

Introduced as an higher-end performance/luxury option package for the 1987 Trans Am.... and to highlight the Pontiac F-Body introduction of the GM 5.7L (350 c.i.) Tuned-Port-Injection V8 engine.... the TRANS AM GTA debuted amid a flurry of activity in the Pontiac F-car lineup, and eventually moved into place as the flagship 1987-1992 Pontiac Firebird model.... for the auto enthusiast who wanted a bit more "panache" from his car, in both style and performance.

During its five years of production, the "Gran Turismo Americano" edition of the Trans Am evolved into the "ultimate" luxury performance Third-Generation Firebird.